Our Mission
To make skill sharing in African communities a tool of global learning, ethical practice and professional development.


The Vessel UK is a not-for-profit organisation that trains UK participants to craft and deliver projects at an international level in Africa. The journey  of the Vessel UK began as a programme developed by the London-based community charity: KORI, which began the work with two orphanages in Tanzania in 2004. Since then the delivery of a rich tapestry of projects has been carried out by over 70 UK participants supporting youth and community development across Africa. This has enabled passionate individuals to broaden their global education and awareness through the training and delivery experience, building essential leadership skills.


Over 13 years The Vessel UK has led multiple initiatives where participants have contributed to youth and community development through the delivery of projects as diverse as; business development, leadership presentation, African history, English lessons, first aid training, dance, music, sports and much more in Tanzania, Kenya and The Gambia. We are presently also developing partnerships in Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau.