Gathering the Riches

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2017 was a wonderful year for The Vessel UK, as it took small steps forward in it its bid to create synergy in its partnership with   (DOAF). The work model works in two ways – The Vessel UK provides  training for people to deliver projects in Africa and the Daughters of Africa Foundation (registered in […]

Stop pretending to think Sustainability!

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I remember years ago when working in Zanzibar, I came across an American company that had been working there for several years. Despite this, when their computers broke down they sent for a colleague in the States who took the opportunity to have a holiday!  My point is that there was no thought given to training […]

By labour comes wealth. – Yoruba Proverb

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  The Vessel UK has now been sharing skills in local communities in The Gambia since 2014. The learning from our previous journeys to Tanzania and Kenya have really borne fruit. This year has been rich and joyful in its developments. In May Michael E Hamilton a skilled community development practitioner and youth worker of long […]

The Vessel In Action

The Vessel In Action

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The Vessel, Summer 2015 – Gambia The second Vessel journey took place in Gambia this summer. We worked with 140 young people and some exciting new partners. The team started as a group who were nervous, barely knew each other and who, bar one, had never set foot in West Africa before. We shared an eager […]

The Vessel, Gambia 2015 – Part 2 (Jerome & Canan)

The Vessel, Gambia 2015 – Part 2 (Jerome & Canan)

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The second part of our programme delivered first aid and business development programmes to local groups and organisations. We had Canan Hussien and Jerome George working with smaller groups, delivering targeted, skills based work. Learn more about their programmes below Jerome George – Regional Business Development Manager, BIC Jerome came to Gambia with two intentions: […]