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Posted by on Oct 1, 2018 in Vessel UK Projects

IN 2015 Femi Aiyebusi, Education and Mentoring Project Coordinator @ Islington Virtual School, volunteered as a Vessel UK leader. He valued the training and professional rigour that teaching African history and business to a ‘keen to learn’ audience entailed. The Gambian young adults kept him and his colleague Andrew Aoyejola, on their toes! They also witnessed a 16 year old Londoner on that trip deliver music training and his growth from the journey was the inspiration for this current project, ‘Camp Gambia’. 

Camp Gambia is focussed on the journey of eight young men who will be individually delivering a 15 hour project to young people in The Gambia in a chosen discipline. They have been receiving training and preperation for their Vessel UK journeys over the last eight weeks from Odiri Ighamre and have recently had valuable in-put from Vessel UK Industry Mentors. The mentors have worked one-to-one with the young people who are preparing projects in the careers they work in. They have used their experience and knowledge to help them with the planning of their day to day project delivery in The Gambia.

Camp Gambia encapsulates the ethos of The Vessel UK; (

‘Authentic help means that all who are involved help each other mutually, growing together in the common effort to understand the reality which they seek to transform.’

Paulo Freire

The eight young people are: 

  • Deepening their own understanding of a subject they are passionate about  
  • Transferring skills  
  • Gaining international development and understanding 
  • Growing in self-confidence through achievement 

We have a couple of months preparation left before these eighteen year olds step forward and deliver their projects in December 2018. Each young person will have a Gambian peer working with them as they share skills with under eighteens from SOS Childrens Village, The Gambia and the charity CSCARTS . Watch this space!

Vessel UK Industry Mentors  With Isl Virtual School Ed Coordinator

Vessel UK Industry Mentors
With Isl Virtual School Ed Coordinator