Light and Design by Kerem Ali Asfurogu

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When the threads unite! Community Library

Inspiring Young-Stars Community Library in Abuko

The challenge each time for The Vessel UK is to support UK participants in putting together projects that are relevant for the African communities they wish to support. After 14 years operating, Gambia has had special attention for the last 4 years after much learning from our community work in Tanzania and Kenya. This learning led us towards building a model from our practice in the small area of Abuko. It has fostered a myriad of relationships with: young people, women,  teachers, welders, mechanics, taxi drivers, artists, business people, community leaders and many more. Supporting community led initiatives and leadership development made it necessary to found The Daughters of Africa Foundation. (DOAF) Enabling the work to be better co-led and guided by Gambian’s. 


DOAF Committee and some of the project participants 

This December’s Light and Design project led by Vessel UK Leader Kerem Ali Asfurogu, (An architectural lighting Engineer), brings together his personal privilege of having had access to higher Education training and experience, together with the opportunity of sharing some of these gifts with a group of 41 Gambian electricians and builders. The training is focussed at developing new employment opportunities for the participants in the field of Solar energy. Delving into both theory and practicals and refreshing basic electrical knowledge so they can make necessary calculations for the solar system. They will also be gaining hands-on experience with wiring and soldering the DIY components. Plus learning about the fundamentals of lighting design.

Kerem is especially looking forward to the team work afforded by this project as people share their knowledge with each other. The golden moment I believe will be in the last few days when as a team they install solar panels to provide proper lighting for the young users of #Inspiring Young-Stars Community Library. We have spent the year resourcing this library with current and relevant books and new furniture. Time for the lights to protect those young eyes! 



Written by  Odiri Ighamre