As a participant of the Vessel Program you must adhere to the following terms and conditions.
The Vessel has the right to cancel the placement of an enrolled volunteer prior to the start date


Under no circumstances will the program fees be refundable to the participant after the first payment.
Deposits are not to be paid less than the stated amount.
All amounts of payments must be made before departure.

Late payments

We reserve the right to set a surcharge if a payment is made late.


Engaging in any criminal or illegal activities will result in the suspension from the programme.

Drug and Alcohol consumption

The use of drugs is strictly prohibited (unless prescribed by a doctor) and will result in immediate expulsion from the programme.

Return Policy

The application fee is nonrefundable. Participants who cancel from their program are only refunded the 300. Any payment made after the refundable one is processed and will not be returned.


The Vessel does not provide medical and travel insurance. The participant is responsible for this and must purchase it prior to departing for the trip.


Your contact information will not be shared

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us at


The Vessel Programme is not liable for any damage, loss, injury,


Independent third parties usually provide excursion trips. Please note that The Vessel can organise these activities and expeditions but are not the delegated representatives of these third parties and cannot accept liability.


Obtaining visa’s is the participant’s responsibility however, we will provide ‘reasonable’ help when needed.