We do things a bit differently

The heart of our work lies in the training and ongoing individual support, group learning, preparation and the opportunity to co-plan with international participants which begins in the UK. This Provides participants with the tools and confidence they need to lead international projects effectively.

Subject areas of focus for projects:

·              Formal and Non-Formal Learning

·              Youth and Community Development

·              The Arts

·              Enterprise and IT

·              Environmental Education and Agriculture

·              Leadership and Management

If you are experienced in any of the fields above you may be eligible.

Over 13 years Vessel UK participants have contributed to youth and community development running projects as diverse as business development, leadership presentation, English lessons, first aid training, dance, music, sports and much more.



The Daughters of Africa Foundation based in The Gambia is our main partner on the ground in Africa supporting sustainable developmental networks for grassroots organisations in the region and building on the projects delivered by The Vessel UK participants. Recent work has been them sourcing football equipment from Kit-Aid for five young football academies, supporting the passion of the sport. As well as a collaboration with Leeds University Library which enabled the collection of 159 medical books much needed by medical students in The Gambia.

In 2016, our expedition saw a Vessel UK volunteer deliver dramatic arts training to Youth Leaders from local youth organisations in Gambia. Working with young youth leaders from Abuko Youth Association, the NGO MyFarm, a performance group called Blaque Magique and Ebunjan Theatre.  

This work led to a community shared production which highlighted how young people are forced to drop out of the school system could become vulnerable to clandestine immigration networks. 

In 2013- 2014 ten young people planned and delivered a full Vessel UK programme of individual workshops in Kenya for our partners, International Peace Initiatives (IPI) is based in Meru. This work was focused on supporting the organisation in improving their engagement of young people in their local area by providing workshops which included: creative writing, music, visual arts and events management. The team successfully delivered their projects to one hundred and forty young people.